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Greetings and Welcome to the website of J&K Educational Trust. I welcome and appreciate the students and business partners showing their interest in a great career of Information Technology/ Management Studies/ Traditional / Science . etc


What is new about "JKET? Just about everything! Since our start and till now, unbelievably, in such a short span of time, we have grown tremendously, bringing top class brands and universities together to become a premier end to end (E2E) services and solutions provider in India.


As you go through the admissions process, our people of our Admissions Office will do all we can to remove the mysteries and be as straightforward with you as we can.  If you have questions, please ask.  If you need more information, let us know.  Our purpose is to make the process as non-mysterious as we can.


It is the new beginning of new academic session, which is like the season of spring where trees adorn new leaves. The arrival of new faces in the JKET fills all of us with energy and enthusiasm. We are trying to create a unique niche for our JKET, among the milling crowd of management institutes.The benefit to students and Counsellors  is that they can have the world-class education here in JKET at a very low cost .


JKET has adopted a unique model of education that is student centrist and has programs from Universities and Colleges from around the world in the areas of Engineering, Computing Science and Business. The degrees and the diplomas are awarded by the Educational Partner Universities, Colleges and institutes, which are public funded, globally recognized and fully accredited in their respective field.


Corporate world is undergoing a flux. The recessionary period of economic activity is over and now the business organizations are trying to cope up with the changing economic environment. The globalization of business coupled with improvement in economic situations the world over has led to the growing requirement of IT & Management professionals. It augurs well for IT & Management education as the placement scenario has considerably improved the need of the hour for IT & Management education is to prepare students; in such a manner that their acceptance in industry is whole-hearted therefore the holistic development of students personality is the ultimate aim of our education.


I think that JKET is a great organisation  with great programs and activities. school, no matter how good, how selective nor how active is right for all students. This web site was created to provide accurate information about JKET. So that you can decide whether it is right for you to consider.


Our goal is to help make this process as simple as possible, and to treat you with respect and dignity throughout the process. I am confident that you will find a pathway to a bright future in a chosen career or profession.


I hope the students will find this website informative enough to provide them the best knowledge about one of the aspiring career.


(Navneet Mishra)



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